Assorted Pack of 10 | Protein Strength & Bones, Smooth Strawberry Flavour

  • No Soy
  • No Lactose
  • No Added Sugar
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(32g - Single Serve)

Looking for a protein that is more than just protein? Well, look no further!

Introducing Tata GoFit plant protein powder for women, designed to cater to the protein needs for women who walk, track, run, dance, lift, stretch – or just move!

This protein powder delivers 23g of protein per 32g serve and is made from a blend of pea and brown rice that helps with the maintenance of muscle strength & bones. A vital need for individuals who are unable to meet their required protein intake via regular diet. This plant protein powder in smooth strawberry flavour is a tasty way to up your protein intake and can be consumed daily post-exercise. Crafted without soy, added sugar, or lactose, it's the perfect choice for those seeking a plant-based yet effective supplement.

Bursting with the goodness of essential nutrients like Vitamin K2, D, and B2, it's your personal powerhouse, infusing you with boundless energy and essential nourishment. What sets it apart? A carefully curated blend of 17 vital minerals and vitamins, meticulously crafted to support your active endeavours. Embrace the richness of life with TATA GO-FIT and experience the vitality it brings to every moment!

This health supplement plant protein powder is carefully crafted to meet your daily protein needs and help you #GoFitEveryday!

Usage Instructions: Take the Sachet (32g serve). Add 250 ml chilled water. Mix them together in a shaker. You will have an easy-to-drink plant protein shake ready in 30 seconds! Alternatively, Add to your cereal bowls, smoothie mixes & more for a delicious and easy way to consume your daily serve.

Recommended Usage Level: Sachet per day

Storage Instructions: The product is required to be stored out of reach of children

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Pea Protein Isolate (67%), Brown Rice Protein Concentrate (20%), Vitamin Mineral Premix, Nature-Identical Flavouring Substance, Beetroot Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Thickeners (INS 466, INS 415, INS 407), Iodised Salt, Natural Flavouring Substance, Multienzyme complex, Artificial Sweetener (INS 955)
PLANT PROTEIN POWDER: Tata GoFit plant protein powder is a perfect blend of pea and brown rice protein-protein that helps maintain muscle strength & normal bones

PROTEIN POWER: Tata GoFit plant protein powder provides 23g protein in every 32g serve which has essential amino acids

ENHANCE BONE STRENGTH: Nourish muscle strength and support bones naturally with plant-based protein for women

NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: This plant protein powder comes with a blend of 17 vitamins, minerals, and calcium, including D2 and K2

FREE-FROM: This plant protein powder has no soy, no lactose, and no added sugar

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No soy

No lactose

No added sugar


No fillers

Zero trans fat

For women who walk, track, run, dance, lift

we get you and we're here to help you get a little bit fitter every day!

Disclaimer: This product is not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet and is always recommended to be consumed while following a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise and a balanced diet.

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shiva krishna

i am fully happy and great full

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